Bagging Unit

Easy and cheap briquettes packing.
Motion from the movement of the briquettes without energy input.

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Bagging unit enables smooth briquettes filling of the six bags at the same time without their rotation. Even filling is ensured only byrotary trough that directs the fall of the briquettes into individual bags. Rotational motion of the trough is given by  the sliding movement of the briquettes inside the tube, therefore, the device does not need more energy to operate . Rotary trough is mounted with bearings on the center of the base. PE bags are attached to the rack clamps, which also cover the space between the bags and also direct the path of the briquettes fall into the bag. Adjustable leg design ensure quick establishment on the uneven ground


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Economic benefit and main advantages

  • Light weight and simple design, direct connection to the press
  • Low cost devices without additional energy consumption
  • Adjustable height of the rack clamps for bags (according to the required size of the bag)
  • Suitable for most briquetting presses with a diameter of briquettes from 40-90 mm
  • Safe for the operator, because there is no rotation of the bags


Technical parameters

Type Tube diameter mm Amount of bags Input kW Unit diameter mm
PT 40-90 6 0 1100

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