Our presses are part in production lines without any problems

BrikStar presses operate in the automatic mode without any operator connected with the exhausting equipment into a closed dust-free system of the waste disposal. An optional hopper with a capacity of 1, 2 or 3 m 3 with an emergency doors and with extensions will allow you to connect the machine to different types of the exhausting equipment with multiple bags and the powerful suction fan. The rotating cutter with an independent drive, together with dosing screw will perfectly take out the material in the bottom of the hopper., The press will automatically stops after the emptying the hopper and after refilling the hopper, the briquetting press starts to work again thanks to sensor of minimum material level. The sensor of the maximum material level can cooperate with other devices of the line in fulfilling the hopper. It is possible to build a heavy filtration equipment on the types BrikStar C with reinforced construction of the hopper by steel frame with a capacity of 1200 kg. You are encouraged to put our briquetting presses into your production line in your company.

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