About us

BRIKLIS is a traditional, modern and respected European manufacturer of briquetting presses. We made already 3 000 presses that works in industry, agriculture and crafts. We export 60% of its production to more than 30 countries. The outermost technology we built in Brazil, India and Mongolia.

BRIKLIS, spol. s r.o.

Briquetting presses BrikStar, of which the best-selling BrikStar 30-12 and BrikStar 50-12, are the main product of our company. To use the waste from sawmills we developed a dryer for adjust the material before briquetting. Presses for metal wastes are very promising technology. Nowadays, when demands for a packaged metal waste are increasing and resource materials falling, the presses for metal scrap are very good selling point.

In 2003, after buying the land and building under construction, the construction of new production halls and offices was started. In 2005 we completed the construction of a modern complex costs 35 million crowns. We are employing up to 70 people from Malšice and surroundings. We have our own design and construction office, where we design and engineer special machines and special purpose machines. In cooperation with research institutes and universities we are looking for next options for use of briquetting presses. 

In early 2010, we completed the construction of the training, development and test center, where we are testing the pressing of various types of waste, developing new types of presses for different materials. We are able to supply the entire technological equipment for processing of different types of waste.

Strategy BRIKLIS

The principle of business strategy BRIKLIS is to get close to the customer, offering him an exact product and solve their problems and requirements. It is not important whether the customer wants to make briquettes from wood, straw, paper or metals. We pressed the most of the required waste. We do not distinguish whether it is a small power equipment or expensive technology.

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