Briquetting presses BRIKLIS, spol. s r. o.

Since 1991 we are producing hydraulic briquetting presses for processing waste, which operate in more than 30 countries in industry, agriculture and crafts. Briquettes from waste create a new product for heating, recovery or recycling. We also produce drum dryers for drying of sawdust before briquetting.

Zpracování kovových odpadů:
Ing. Libor Kejř
+420 724 936 701

Zpracování spalitelných odpadů:
Aleš Svátek
+420 606 669 525


Why to choose briquetting presses BrikStar

What makes us different from the competition

  • After 21 years of experience we can give advice
  • Smart feeding of material without additional machine adjustment
  • Our presses are part in production lines without any problems
  • We repair all our briquetting presses

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